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Happy Easter long weekend!

Started off the long weekend with a good cleaning of one of our shelves that’s been sitting there untouched and barely used. So now we have a spare cupboard space to use, huzzah! ^_^ Tomorrow, will be tackling the sorting of paperwork in the “Office”… should be fun… not… but it’s needed…

The Love-heart Month!

Wow, it’s Feb already! The time sure flies… and I’ve gained 3kgs 😮 it seems like a normal amount of weight gain, so hopefully my weight gain stays the same!

Road trip! Sort of…

Heading interstate this Saturday for a 3 night stay-cation. Going for my cousin’s wedding. Should be fun 🙂 Can’t wait to see the cousins again!


It’s going to be so odd trying to get used to writing/typing 2013 on dates. Will need to get used to writing dates again 😛 A happy and prosperous 2013 to everyone! Ours definitely will be an adventure mid-2013 🙂


Since in Australia, we use the date format of DD/MM/YYYY, we get 20/12/2012 here 😛   posted on: 20/12/2012, 20:12


So I’ve been checking my blood pressure for the past few days… seems my blood pressure is a bit high 🙁 Hopefully my blood pressure goes down…

New beginnings…

A clean slate! A slightly more vibrant theme for this old site 😛 Not quite sure what to put on here just yet… Just want to see how it goes from here for the moment 🙂